Unlock Photos Builds Brand Equity

The Original Package or object Image is the “Code”


With Unlock Photos, consumer interaction is focused on the actual original package artwork or object, not obscure scan codes

  • Scan codes are obtrusive and unappealing on the package
  • Unlock Photos utilizes only the ORIGINAL package artwork
  • ALL images are sent to ONE location for each campaign

Web-Based Platform

Simple User Interface For Easy Internal Deployment and Management

Unlock Photos can be accessed via any internet-connected PC or iPad

  • Activate and manage all images anywhere and anytime
  • Multiple options for duration of activation, defined geographies and communication formats
  • The user interface is so easy, it takes only ONE HOUR to be fully trained
  • Average set-up activation time per image is only 15 MINUTES

Consumer Data Acquisition

Participation Data is Captured in Real-Time

Unlock Photos captures the critical data points that can be viewed directly via the platform

  • Mobile phone number
  • Geographic location
  • Type of mobile phone
  • Time of engagement
  • Duration and frequency
  • Mobile carrier provider
  • Email address
  • Copy of each submitted image