Advanced Image Recognition Technology

App-Free Mobile Marketing Platform

Unlock Photos needs no app nor software download, making it a truly unique global platform

  • Works on ALL mobile phones with a camera and ability to text or email a photo
  • Works across ALL mobile carriers around the world

Unlock Photos Builds Brand Equity

The Original Package Image of object is the “Code”

With Unlock Photos, consumer interaction is focused on the actual original package artwork, not obscure scan codes

  • Scan codes are obtrusive and unappealing on the package
  • Unlock Photos utilizes only the ORIGINAL package artwork
  • ALL images are sent to ONE location

Endless Ways to Connect with Consumer

Unlock Photos Allows for Easy Customization and Precise Targeting

With Unlock Photos, consumer communication and targeting is seamless and with endless possibilities

  • digital coupons
  • product information
  • cooking videos
  • recipes
  • cross promotions
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • sweepstakes
  • donations to support special cause
  • scavenger hunts
  • new product promotions
  • drive traffic to key branded digital media