Web-Based Platform

Simple User Interface For Easy Internal Deployment and Management

Unlock Photos can be accessed via any internet-connected PC or iPad

  • Activate and manage all packages anywhere and anytime
  • Multiple options for duration of activation, defined geographies and communication formats
  • The user interface is so easy, it takes only ONE HOUR to be fully trained
  • Average set-up activation time per package image is only 15 MINUTES

Consumer Data Acquisition

Participation Data is Captured in Real-Time

Unlock Photos captures the critical data points that can be viewed directly via the platform

  • mobile phone number
  • geographic location
  • type of mobile phone
  • time of engagement
  • duration and frequency
  • mobile carrier provider
  • email address
  • copy of each submitted image

Easy Integration into Existing Organization

web based platform gives total access flexibility

With Unlock Photos, all set-up and package image activation management is directly controlled by anyone you designate and approve